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Every step you take with us is along a path less travelled. Since our inception 16 years ago, we have designed and been witness to journeys that blend individual interests, circumstances, and spontaneous interactions into meaningful transformations for travelers. We help you discover the most beautiful things in the world; be it snow-clad mountains, cascading waterfalls, dense forests, towering temples, diverse cultures and delectable cuisines. But at Worldwide Adventures Asia, we also help you discover something more profound.

Our journeys go beyond convention, shunning the touristic in favor of the authentic.This is due in large part to our long-term, in-country, professional staff, many of whom are like family to the owner and to one another, most of whom have been with our company for at least ten years, and all of whom actually travel the itineraries they design. They strive for equilibrium between travel and learning, nature and culture, and most importantly between the outer and the inner self. Our guests return to share about a man they met in a quaint village, a kite-flying technique they learned, or playing games in a rural school, not just monuments or wildlife, even though those are also important and impactful.

The founder of Worldwide Adventures Asia is also key to the special journeys we create. Balu Menon has become so well-received by host countries and expert guides that WWAA is often contracted by other travel companies due to superior positioning with friends, community members, business people, government officials, even religious leaders.("The founder is also quite humble about this and didn't like this fact being included on the website,but it's part of the reason why our brand of travel is so niche in providing travel that is "immersive and authentic.").

"The key is to be open, warm, flexible and humble while never compromising on high standards and high integrity. Each program is conceived and mindful of our responsibility towards people, travel and the society we live in. " --Balu.

At the core of Worldwide Adventures Asia, is the commitment to make a positive impact and give back to society. It's not that common in business, but it's a big part of what makes travel with Worldwide Adventures Asia the path less travelled.