John J. Quinesso

John J. Quinesso

John J. Quinesso brings 30 years of international student and adult travel experiences to over 70 countries spanning all seven continents!

Previously employed by the People to People Student Ambassador Program as Area Director for New Jersey and New York and National Collegiate Programs Adviser, he led both local and nationwide delegations of Student and Sports Ambassadors on itineraries to Hawaii, throughout Europe, the South Pacific, South Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Japan, China, India, and Egypt. Under his leadership, he also led Program alumni and Collegiate Ambassadors to Eastern Europe, throughout Asia, South America, and Antarctica.

In June 2011, John retired from the Haddonfield, NJ Board of Education where he was an elementary school teacher for thirty-three years. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master's Degree in elementary and early childhood education.

Since 2011, John teaches in the Department of Interdisciplinary and Inclusive Education at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. At Rowan, he has established two programs for education majors: TEACH and Discover INDIA! and CAMBODIA: Classrooms to Culture! Both programs afford education majors the opportunity to experience the culture and educational systems of these foreign lands and to teach English to village children.

The Programs include community and school service. In 2015 the Rowan University College of Education established a partnership with the Diane Raj School in Bharatpur, India. To date, each cohort of Rowan education majors have contributed to initiatives including, but not limited to, providing over 1200 children’s books to the village school children, bringing running water to and constructing boys’ and girls’ lavatories at the school, supplying white boards for the classrooms, play equipment, and a myriad of school supplies and educational materials. Each year, there is a new initiative. The Rowan students solicit donations from friends, relatives, businesses, and local schools to support their efforts.

Additionally, John leads adult groups and private journeys throughout southeast Asia.