South India Culinary Tour

14 Days    13 Nights

South India Culinary Tour

  • Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights
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Delhi / Agra / Jaipur / Jodhpur / Dechu / Narlai / Udaipur
India is an age old civilization. Pre and post-independence India, have a lot to offer, in terms of cultural experiences. There are a few traits of the British culture that are still prevalent in our country. Some cities still boast of classic British architecture. Buildings that have withstood the test of time to become heritage properties. Similarly, cuisine-wise, no country is as diverse as India. Each region has its own indigenous cuisine, which is influenced by the local produce, terrain, climate, and the local demography. Various groups and cultures have made India their home over the centuries. Mughals, British, Turks and Portuguese. All descended upon the subcontinent in the hopes of consolidating the empire and ruling over it. They might not have succeeded, but they surely made their mark on the people at the time. The gourmand will have a merry time in India, considering the plethora of cuisines available here. The experience is further made memorable by visits to local kitchens, interactions with chef's, visits to cooking schools, family dinners, and visits to local markets.

South India, much like the north, has its own distinct character. Several states collectively make up South India. Each state has its own unique identity and culture. They've all co-existed peacefully for centuries. South India promises to be a unique experience for those who visit.
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Itinerary at a Glance

DAY 1:

Arrive at Chennai. The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is a developed metro city, with modern infrastructure. Being a coastal city, its proximity to the sea ensures a pleasant breeze toward the evening hours, and favourable weather conditions throughout the year.

DAY 2:

Eat breakfast like royalty in Chennai. Choose from myriad South Indian preparations. Each will give your taste buds a unique experience. George Town is an area in Chennai known for its food. Explore the cuisine options here, and you will not be disappointed. Round the day off by watching the sun sink into the horizon, at the popular Marina Beach.

DAY 3:

From Chennai, proceed to Pondicherry. A town with a distinctive French influence, Pondicherry is gorgeous. Visit the French quarters in Pondicherry to get a taste of life from history. Visit the Hindu temples or simply take a stroll on the pristine beach.

DAY 4:

Explore the food market at Pondicherry, which is full to the brim with unique delicacies to please even the most discerning foodie. There's also an opportunity to pick up cooking lessons from the local chefs, who will guide your hand in preparing lip smacking delicacies.

DAY 5:

From Pondicherry, proceed to Tanjore. An important centre of South Indian religion, art and architecture, Tanjore is famous for its Tanjore paintings, a style unique to the region. Visit the famous temples, which include the Great Living Chola Temples, regarded as UNESCO World Heritage Monuments.

DAY 6:

From Tanjore, proceed to Chettinad, a region of the Sivaganga district of southern Tamil Nadu. Visit the Royal Palace, to get a glimpse of their intricate style of architecture. Take a bullock ride through the quaint town, and visit the silk weaving factory, one of the thriving industries of this region.

DAY 7:

Chettinad is known for its cuisine. The famous Chicken Chettinad, has gained popularity all over the world. It is hardly any wonder that people flock to this region, mainly to sample the cuisine it has to offer. A specially arranged cooking class will keep you on your toes. Learn how to prepare authentic Chettinad cuisine for when you go back home and surprise your family!

DAY 8:

Madurai. The cultural headquarters of Tamil Nadu, it is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Madurai has a lot of places of historical significance, like the Tirumalai Nayak Palace and the Meenakshi Temple. Indulge in the Madurai Food Safari, before rounding off your trip and travelling to your next destination.

DAY 9:

The next leg of your journey sees you land in God's Own Country. Kerala, is a beautiful state, that has a fantastic array of flora and fauna. Periyar, is a region famous for its wildlife sanctuary. Explore the vegetable markets. Visit the rice paddies and grape plantations. Gain an insight into the agrarian way of life.

DAY 10:

Its time to learn something new. Join the chef for an exclusive cooking class, curated specially for you. Learn the nuances of the exotic Malayalee cuisine. Visit the spice plantations and spice markets, to get a good idea as to why they use certain ingredients in their food. And also get to taste the different exotic spices used in the cuisine!

DAY 11:

Tea and coffee are grown here. Explore the land, and see how terrace cultivation has been successfully implemented in this region. Post which, it's time for a cruise of a different kind. Kerala, is criss-crossed by a vast network of canals, also known as the backwaters. Glide down the backwaters in a boat. Become one with nature.

DAY 12:

Kochi, the Port city, is also known for its cuisines. Which is why, we've arranged for you to have lunch with a local family. Post which you can visit the Jewish quarters. Round off the day by watching a mesmerising Kathakali performance.

DAY 13:

Fort Kochi, is a region in Kochi. A part of a handful of water-bound regions, south-west of the mainland, it is also known as Old Kochi or West Kochi. Exploring this area on foot is the best option. There are many famous tourist attractions here, which warrant a visit. Round off the day with a sunset cruise.

DAY 14:

This day is all about discovering Kochi. Learn about its history, and how different regimes, at different times, have all influenced the culture of Kochi, as we know today. Depart Kochi with a handful of goodies, and a mind full of memories.


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