Road to the Himalayas

13 Days    12 Nights

Road to the Himalayas

  • Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
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Delhi, Manali, Shimla, Amritsar and Agra form part of the route that is often taken by travellers and tourists, who want a unique cultural, historical, social and culinary experience. Play, teach, learn and meditate. Turn your trip into a religious, educational, adventurous and spiritual journey. View the very essence of Mughal architecture which took the world by storm. Experience Punjabi hospitality. Take a trip across North India. Ascend mountain peaks. Climb down deep ravines and valleys and take home soul-stirring memories.
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Itinerary at a Glance

DAY 1:

The first day sees you landing in Delhi. The capital of India, is also a cultural melting pot. People from all over India travel and work in Delhi, which is one of the main reasons for the city's cosmopolitan outlook.

DAY 2:

Take your time to make yourself comfortable. Once you have settled in, step out and take in the sights and sounds of Delhi. Experience a part of history as you tour Old Delhi. With its narrow lanes and moonlit courtyards, it seems straight out of a Mughal story. With you as the central character.

DAY 3:

When we said we help you travel with a difference, we meant to craft a unique experience for you, so you don't just end up clicking photos from spot to spot. Why travel if not to learn and contribute? Work and play with local students of an NGO. Impart a little education, spend some time with the children, and gain a new perspective on life.

DAY 4:

The capital of Himachal Pradesh beckons you. Favoured as a summer holiday destination by the British, Shimla has unmistakeable traces of the Raj still there. The weather is cool and inspires the bard in many! Undulating hills and lush greenery meets the eye everywhere you look.

DAY 5:

Travel to Manali, a hamlet nestled high in the hills. Home to many tribes, Manali is a beautiful location, yet untouched by man's developmental hand. Greenery abounds in this beautiful hill-station. The hills help restore a certain sense of calm and balance in your chaotic life.

DAY 6:

Spend the day meeting the local inhabitants of Manali. Learn their customs, sample their cuisines, and imbibe their knowledge. Adventure sports have been planned for the adrenaline junkie in you. Spend the day before you dive headfirst into what we have in store the next day!

DAY 7:

White water rafting, rock climbing, village trekking and river crossing. Just a few of the many adventure activities we've organised to indulge your adventurous side. Manali provides ample opportunity for you to indulge in the adventure sport of your choice. Feel the rush, as you jump, climb and paddle your way through the day.

DAY 8:

With the body charged after intense physical activities from the previous day, its time to recharge the mind. The Dharamshala offers a unique spiritual experience. You don't have to be religious or be affiliated to any religious group. Here you are taught to get in touch with your inner self. Listen to your inner voice. Find inner peace.

DAY 9:

Its time to give back to society. Its time to make changes at the grassroots level. Be an agent of change. Teach English and computer skills at a government school. Teaching is the most noble profession, and if you could enlighten a bunch of young minds, for a day, why not?

DAY 10:

The Dharamshala is a slice of heaven right here on earth. It's beautiful, and words just couldn't do justice to its beauty. Walk down to the Tibetan Cultural Center, and learn about the history of the region. Learn how people, over time, learnt to adapt to a simple life in the hills. Realise how they have achieved contentment, without materialism.

DAY 11:

The Golden Temple in Amritsar, is the epitome of the Sikh faith. Thousands of devotees, from all walks of life visit the Golden Temple to seek the blessings of the Almighty. The Golden Temple is so renowned, that people from other faiths frequently convene here, just to surrender themselves to God. Well, we do advocate that you pray at the Golden Temple. But, don't stop there. Take it a step further with community service. Feel closer to God, as you carry out His work and help those who need it.

DAY 12:

Agra, is your next destination. A city that has, since forever, been closely associated with India's history. It is in this city that Shah Jahan, laid to rest his beloved Mumtaz, in a tomb so magnificent, it became one of the seven wonders of the world.

DAY 13:

The Taj will truly take your breath away. As you scan its architecture with a discerning eye, the nuances suddenly become very clear. Each slab of marble, that has gone into the making of the Taj, has its own purpose. Experience the 'Monument of Love', as it is globally known. Depart the same evening, to round off a memorable trip.


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