Worl Wide Adventures

How it Works


Think about how involved you'd like to be in planning details: Are you a detail person who has strong preferences about modes of travel, destination countries, sites to be included, purpose of travel? Or do you prefer to give input on the main points and have WWA handle most of the specifics?
-I would like to travel with a group/itinerary that is already organized.
-I would like to work closely with WWAA from beginning to end, forming my group, promoting the trip to my group, perhaps even working as a group travel leader (we value the work you'll do and we sometimes supplement the group leader's travel expenses).
-I'd like to have a balance. I have preferences but I don't want to take on a leadership role in planning.

Think about when you will travel: We suggest a lead time of 6 to 8 months for groups, but we can plan meaningful itineraries in as little as 6 weeks!
-The primary advantages of lead time are more options and better pricing.

Think about how long your group can travel: We suggest a minimum of 11-day journeys with two additional days added for travel to and from countries. For time-limited travelers who are ambitious and focused on particular objectives, we can plan transformational, immersive travel experiences for periods as short as 7 days.
-Many people add individual extension days to the beginning or end of the group dates.

Think about your budget. Our pricing* includes first-class accommodations in unique, upscale properties, most meals, all in-country transportation with air-conditioned vehicles, all cultural and/or professional activities, unlimited bottled water, ample security, full-time professional travel manager to accompany you, pre-departure preparations, and 24/7 emergency support during travel. In addition to this, we utilize local city guides, interest-specific experts,and special adventure guides. While we aren't willing to compromise our high standards, we are flexible concerning concessions or upgrades that make your program fit your time and resources.
-It's all about what's most important to you.
-Traveling with others affords the highest quality, most authentic experiences, at the best negotiated prices.

Think about your group: Traveling with a group of friends, family, colleagues, or classmates adds an entire dimension to your travel. Because our program staff travel with you, you'll often make lasting friendships and connections with us and our friends, too! We design immersive, intimate, authentic, experiences because we believe in them and their power to transform.
-When you travel with a group,your journey goes home with you.

Take a Step or a Leap: Travelers are as diverse and unique as the places they travel to. Think of WWAA as mentor, coach, assistant, cheerleader,protector. We are here to help you create a vision, to help make your vision a reality, and to keep you safe, healthy, and well-pleased.

ASK QUESTIONS, START PLANNING, or BOOK TRAVEL: *Meal inclusion varies with budget and preferences. Transportation does not usually include airfare from the US or Canada, although WWAA does assist with airfare arrangements upon request. Transportation includes in-country flights, ground, water transportation.