Road to the Himalayas & the Taj Mahal

13 Days    12 Nights

Road to the Himalayas & the Taj Mahal

  • Duration: 13 Days / 12 Nights
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Delhi / Shimla / Manali / Dharamsala / Amritsar / Agra
Trek, climb and raft. Snow capped mountain peaks and rushing, frothing rivers. Enough to get your pulse racing. The world's highest mountain range reminds us that man is just a small speck in a never ending universe full of wonder. Explore the rich history of India, from the Taj Mahal to the opulent palaces. Naturally, a democracy as large as India, has its share of poverty. 41% of the world's poor call this country home. Keeping that in mind, we give you a chance to alleviate their misery. And we're not talking just monetary contribution. We're all about making a difference in the lives of people who need support, from rural students to persecuted refugees. Take part in our service-intensive programs, and be an agent of hope in the eyes of the people.
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Itinerary at a Glance

DAY 1:

Arrive in Delhi, India's democratic capital. An eclectic mix of old and new, Delhi serves up an experience that is hard to match, globally. View the city through a unique lens. Different shades of Delhi have different characteristics.

DAY 2:

Hop onto a rickshaw, an ancient method of transport, used extensively in India. Visit the known and unknown places in Delhi. Travelling by rickshaw allows for deeper penetration into remote areas and makes for a very unique experience.

DAY 3:

Fly to Chandigarh, India's largest planned city. Chandigarh is a part of Punjab, a rich agrarian state. Full of sprawling fields, Punjab is a regal state. Chandigarh also contains the old world charm of Punjab. From Chandigarh, drive to Shimla, a quaint hill station.

DAY 4:

It's as if you were transported back in time, to the British Raj. Strains of which are very apparent in Shimla. A typical colonial town, Shimla, nestled in the hills, is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of cities.

DAY 5:

From Shimla, travel to Manali. A beautiful valley nestled in the mountains, Manali is often referred to as the Valley of the Gods. An apt name, once you visit and see for yourself.

DAY 6:

Experience the place regarded by the Hindus, as the birthplace of the world. Take in the cool, fresh mountain air. Spending time within the lap of nature, you will soon forget all worldly worries and responsibilities. A sense of surrealism prevails.

DAY 7:

The mighty Himalayas. Never has a name inspired such awe in man. The range contains some of the highest peaks of the world. Many have scaled its peaks, and many more have perished trying to do so. We've organised hiking, climbing and rafting expeditions, to cater to the adventure junkie in you.

DAY 8:

Continue on your Himalayan expedition. Drive to the Dharamshala, the residence of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Surrounded by dense coniferous forests, the Dharamshala exudes a sense of calm.

DAY 9:

Get in touch with your spiritual self, by meeting a high lama at the temple of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. Observe the austere lifestyle of the monks. Do your bit, by lending a hand to the Tibetians.

DAY 10:

Fly to Amritsar, a city in Punjab, and home to the Golden Temple. A magnificent structure, this temple attracts a string of devotees from all faiths. An experience that is bound to leave you speechless.

DAY 11:

From Amritsar, proceed to Agra. The city home to the Taj Mahal. Learn why the Taj Mahal to this day continues to be an architectural and historical marvel. The monument of love, it has been constructed almost entirely out of white marble!

DAY 12:

Visit the Agra Fort. The former imperial residence of the Mughal Dynasty in Agra, it is truly a marvel to behold. The fort is an accurate representation of the lofty architectural ideals of the mighty Mughals.

DAY 13:

From Agra, drive to Delhi. The drive is pleasant, punctuated by beautiful scenery. The capital, busy as always, welcomes you with open arms. Catch up on some much needed rest, before you return.